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About Bottle Design

Depending on the usage of the bottle, the demands of customers are carefully considered. Whether it’s ease of usability, how it looks, functionality, etc., our team will suggest a shape and design that best suits your needs.

Yes, after you confirm your order our team will show you the designs and drawings; if you approve them we can show you a 3-D model as per your request.

Our company understands its customers and will help utmost to save customers time, regarding this while the mold is being made our team can give you Label Portion Drawings or a 3-D dummy if you request so.

About Servicing

Product servicing can be done by our company anytime the customer wants, For Charges, Time Period or any further information you can Contact us.

About Sales in General

It usually depends upon Present Running Back End orders. Feel free to contact us for more detail.

Molds can be delivered anywhere in the world through sea or by air, Shipping costs and insurance policy will be discussed on confirmation of order.

Keeping in mind the use and quality of products, Material for products varies you can have more detail by contacting us.

About Molds In General

Once you buy a mold from us that will be your property, you can take production from the same mold by any vendor you think suits you best.

Our company will give you the Mold with Best possible material and lowest possible cycle time. Keeping in mind the long lasting life of Molds.